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January 10, 2016

Ki Society HQ – Kagami Biraki 2016


We have celebrated and welcomed in the New Year. I wonder how the New Year has been and what this year will bring for everyone.

On January 10 (Sunday) 2016, HQ held the annual Kagami Biraki at Ki Society HQ Tochigi. Kagami Biraki is one of the most important event and seminars of Shinshin Toitsu Aikidokai. Instructors and members from all over Japan, came together to participate in this event. There were a total of 93 participants this year.

Early in the morning with temperatures of -1 degrees, participants started with Senshin no Gyo (a practice of pouring water on oneself), followed with Sokushin no Gyo (a practice of swinging the bell and breathing out in one breath at the same time.) The Dan Recommendations for 2016 was also formally announced, after which I taught the first Aikido training session for 2016.

All seminars and camps for 2016 officially starts for Shinshin Toitsu Aikidokai.

We look forward to meeting and practicing with all members again this year, Yoroshiku Onegai Itashimasu.


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