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April 09, 2010

Seisei-Ruten (The universe is constantly growing and moving)

A Short Instruction:

The purpose of this article is to apply the Ki principle (mind moves the body) which is the fundamental of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido to our daily life.

It is not enough just to read, but it is important to positively practice the subject given each month. Learning through practice will be your lifelong asset.

Seisei-Ruten (The universe is constantly growing and moving)

The world is constantly changing. At the same time, the status of our mind and body is also constantly changing.

There are people who feel they are very much aware of the changes in the outer world, but may not be aware of the changes of their inner world.

Let us assume that one day we felt a particular meal was not so good when we ate in a restaurant we usually frequent. That may have been because the quality of the restaurant became lower, or because the condition of our health was not so good. We should not forget the fact that we ourselves are constantly changing.

It is the same as the feeling of gratitude.

Let us assume somebody took care of us very well one day. We would be full of gratitude in our mind just after the receipt of this great assistance.  However, that feeling of gratitude can change over time. It can fade, or sometimes even be completely forgotten. This is not a moral matter, but is natural to human beings. In order to maintain a feeling of gratitude, it is necessary for us to make some effort and have technique.

One method is to write a note about the feeling we have when we received this great help from someone, and to re-read that note regularly. Another way is to remember the feeling whenever we write a Happy New Year card or seasons greetings to the person who generously helped us in the past.

Only when we make such efforts and take the necessary actions, can we maintain a feeling of gratitude. It is important not to allow our feelings to fade as time goes on.

Let us assume that we generously cared for a friend. This care may have been simply from a genuine giving spirit, with no desire for reward. However, our attitude towards this person may change as time goes on. When we forget the gratitude that was felt by the one who we took care of, we may then require a reward in return for what we gave.

Only when we make some effort and take the necessary actions, can we maintain a sense of genuine kindness towards those who received help from us in the past. In this way, it is the same whether receiving great care from some one, or giving generously to someone.

It is a similar case when dealing with our motivation.

Beginning in April, there are many language courses offered on NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai - the Japanese news organization). At this time, many people purchase a text book and have a great motivation to learn. However, they often loose that wonderful motivation within one month! Our motivation is always big at the beginning, but it can fade as time goes by, unless we do something to maintain it. In order to keep our motivation, it is necessary to make an effort and have some techniques.

Most people have the capacity to grow and improve, however, there is often no effort or technique made, and if that is the case, they will drop the subject they have been engaged in half way through.

The specific efforts and techniques to maintain strong motivation are _______________ .

It is absolutely important to understand the fact that the status of our mind and body is constantly changing.

The following is the subject for this month.


    What sentence could be inserted in the underlined blank above? There are countless answers.


April 01, 2010


Information from Ki Society H.Q.

Shinichi Tohei Sensei was born in 1973. He graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, school of Bioscience and Biotechnology.

Shinichi Tohei Sensei has been learning Ki Principles through Shin-shin Toitsu Aikido (Ki-Aikido) from Master Koichi Tohei, Aikido 10th dan and Shin-shin Toitsu Aikido Founder, since childhood.

Now, as successor to Master Koichi Tohei, he teaches Shin-shin Toitsu Aikido in Japan and throughout the world. By using Ki principles in the development of human resources and communication skills, he also teaches business personnel, executives, and educators at seminars and workshops.

Recently he accepted an offer from a Major League Baseball team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, to teach Ki Principles to their players. He has been teaching Ki Principles in special training camps to further the players’ development since January 2010.

He is the master teacher of Keio University Shin-shin Toitsu Aikido club. Also, he teaches Shin-shin Toitsu Aikido in general education at Keio University as a part-time instructor.

Shinichi Tohei Sensei’s responsibilities include:

  • Chief Instructor and President of Ki Society H.Q.
  • Part-time Instructor at Keio University

More than 50,000 people study Shin-shin Toitsu Aikido in the world. We all walk the same road in overcoming the differences of languages, cultures and religions.


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