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August 06, 2007

"Ki breathing" by Koichi Tohei sensei (33)

This article is translation of Koichi Tohei sensei's book, "Ki breathing (Ki no Kokyuho)". We will upload new article Monday.

Shinichi Tohei

Chapter 6
To strengthen the Life power


I would like to describe “Kiatsu therapy (Kiatsu ryoho)” which I teach.
Kiatsu therapy is to send Ki into the body from the outside to strengthen a person's living power. If Ki is supplied from the outside, the person's life power strengthens which facilitates recovery from illnesses or injury.
When you do self-Kiatsu (You do Kiatsu therapy to yourself), it is important to practice oneness of mind and body, which is the natural posture. If you become tense as you press yourself, you cannot extend Ki. Anyone can do self-Kiatsu by putting their own fingers on their body while extending Ki and relaxing.

We have a word “teate” in Japanese. (literally means put hand on injury). When we feel ill, we put our hands on the part of the body that hurts naturally. At that time, we never push too hard on the painful place. You just send your mind (Ki) to the place where you experience pain. To put it plainly, this is Kiatsu therapy.
When the human body becomes sick, that part of the body becomes hard or painful. By putting your fingers while extending Ki on this place, it will become soft and the pain will gradually diminish.
If you do self-Kiatsu, the affected area will become warm. This is because the Ki of the affected areas will become activated and encourage blood to start to flow strongly.
There are several points which are important to do self-Kiatsu.

- Do self-Kiatsu with oneness of mind and body (Do self-Kiatsu with a stable and natural posture)
- Do not push too hard
- Do not knead (It is okay to move your own body without moving your fingers on the affected area)
- Think of lines instead of points. (Not only think about affected area but think about the flow of whole body)

Let me describe how to do self-Kiatsu which will assist you to maintain the health of mind and body. The first one is self-Kiatsu of the eyes. The self-Kiatsu, which is described in this book is a very limited application of Kiatsu therapy. Although only a limited application, I believe that it will still be of assistance to you in maintaining good health.

Kiatsu of the eyes.
(resolution of eye fatigue, visual recovery and have natural eyes)

As personal computer and cell phone become widely used, people often experience eye fatigue. Eye fatigue, bleary eyes, painful eyes etc. would appear especially for those who use personal computer extensively.
At this rate, it may result in cataracts and/or glaucoma while still at a young age.
First, please wash your hands before beginning any Kiatsu to your eyes.
Close your eyes lightly. Then, touch softly in the area between the eyeball and the tip of the bone in the upper part of the eye. Do Kiatsu to the bone. (photo 1)

153u photo 1

You can do Kiatsu right and left at the same time.
Never push the eyeball. Divide the area above your eyes from the inner corner of your eye to outer corner of your eye into five parts. Then, do Kiatsu 20 seconds to 30 seconds to each part, beginning from the inner corner of your eye moving to the outer corner of your eye.
Next, line up your fingertips with your index, middle and annular finger. Then, do Kiatsu to this area for 30 or 40 seconds. (photo 2)

153d photo 2

If you do this Kiatsu, Kiatsu will take about five minutes. You will feel that your eyes are refreshed compared to how it felt prior to Kiatsu.

I do Kiatsu on my eyes everyday. Thanks to this, I can see things very clearly at my age. My eyes at one time were not very good. The doctor diagnosed my eyes as having cataracts. However, I did Kiatsu everyday and got well in three months.
If you start Kiatsu of your eyes everyday from now, you can keep your eyes healthy. Not only will it keep your eyes healthy but Kiatsu makes your eyes and expression more attractive.

Kiatsu to the head
(resolution of migraine headache, improve the concentration level)

There are many people who are suffering from migraine headaches and feel heavy in the head, feel disoriented, etc.
Any disorder of the head area may be caused by a variety of serious diseases. Any disorder of head area affects our health very much. Therefore, we need to take care of any problems.
If you feel the disorder in the head area, you will find that the area around the base of your neck becomes hardened. This hard area compresses blood vessels inside of the cervical spine. This constricts the blood flow to the head, and it causes a decline in your ability to think, may cause headaches, or other problems.
People that have bad posture, especially those who's head is positioned unnaturally, always compress blood vessels inside of the cervical spine. The area that is hard will disappear by Kiatsu. Posture affects our health in significant ways.
When you do Kiatsu to your head, press the edge of the bone at the lower occipital region upward toward the center of the brain, from the bone behind the right ear to the one behind the left ear. (photo 3)

155_2 photo 3

When you press the right side, use your right thumb. When you press the left side, use your left thumb. Send Ki upward toward the head.
Press the right side of the head moving your thumb 5 times on that side, and the left side of the head in the same way, about 15 to 20 seconds in each spot.
If you have a lot of tension, repeat this Kiatsu several times. After finishing Kiatsu, you will feel that your head is lighter and you will feel more relaxed,
Women who suffer menopausal symptoms sometimes have a large hard spot around the seventh cervical vertebra. This is often one of the features of menopausal problems. Sometimes, we can see their hard spot in this area. In this case, use the long fingers (index finger, middle finger and ring finger) and press side of the neck. Press the right side of the neck with the right hand, the left side of the neck with the left hand at the same time. While you are sending Ki to your neck, slowly move your neck forward and backward, left and right.
The blood circulation of your neck will improve and the hard spot will become soft. This will ease menopausal problems.


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